My Kindy group is enjoying Aaron Blabey’s books at the moment. Have you tried any of them? You can read about him here.

He both writes and illustrates his books and, while they may be something of an acquired taste, they are wonderfully unusual.

You could try The Brothers Quibble: It begins:                 Clip_6

Spalding Quibble ruled the roost.

He shared it with no other.

But then his parents introduced

a brand new baby brother.



Clip_5Or you could try Stanley Paste. This is about a boy, Stanley Paste,

Stanley in the letter box

Stanley in the letter box

who hates being small and a girl, Eleanor Cabbage, who hates being tall.

There is a small boy in my class whose laughter, when we come to the

illustration of Stanley in the letterbox, is so infectious that I can’t resist

reading the book just to hear him laugh.


I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of the Blabey books with young children

and how they respond to them. Are there any authors you’d like to recommend?