Let me introduce three upper primary students who have plenty to say about what they like reading.

RUBY aged 10 in Year 4

RUBY aged 10 in Year 4


MAX aged 11 in Year 6

MAX aged 11 in Year 6



SASKIA aged 11 in Year 6












Did you have books read to you when you were little? Can you remember anything about that?

Max: Yes. I remember books about teddy bears, Winnie the Pooh, The Enchanted Woods, robot books.

Ruby: Ruby Flew Too. It was about a duck.

Saskia: Yes. We’re Going on a Bearhunt. And a lot of Dr Seuss.


Did you have any favourite picture books? Any you hated?

Max: My favourite picture book was called The Floods – about an abnormal family. For older kids they had chapter books. I also liked a big book about World War 1 and the Top 10 Battles that changed the world. I didn’t hate any.

Ruby: I didn’t like a book called Ruby about a car. I didn’t like it because it had pictures but I didn’t understand the words.

Saskia: I loved the Fancy Nancy series.


Geek GirlIf your parents said you were going to live on a desert island or in space and you could only take one book, what would it be? Any reason for your choice?

Max: If it was a desert island I would take a survival guide.

Ruby: A very very very thick book like Harry Potter!

Saskia: Either Geek Girl or Girl Online.





What kind of books do you like most now (eg factual information, animal stories, comics, narratives with female or male heroes, etc)?

Max: Narrative fiction. I find them engaging and they tell great stories with adventurous heroes that bend my imagination to make the world appear better.

Ruby: I like books with a twist, but a good twist that builds up so much tension.

Saskia: I love fiction or chapter books.


Clip_6Can you suggest a book or an author for other children around your age to read?

Max: Ice Station by Matthew Reilly. A gripping, fast paced military story.

Ruby: Emma Carroll The Girl Who Walked on Air. It’s really fun to read and once you start reading you don’t want to stop.20751439

Saskia: The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. It has so many twists and keeps you wanting more.The-World-of-The-Hunger-Games_510










If you could write a book for children your age what would you make it about?

Max: A fantasy world based in an arctic universe where the heroes battle against the cold, frostbite, hypothermia, wolves and other problems beneath the snow, hidden in the blizzards.

Ruby: I would set it in reality. A book about a girl who runs away and she has to live through blizzards and things. She meets a wolf who follows her around and in the end they become friends and lie down together.

Saskia: My book would be set in reality and about a girl who is 12-13 but her life is very dramatic. Like everything goes wrong in her life!


Thanks Ruby, Max and Saskia for being guests on my blog. I’m working on a new book right now. it’s going to be part fantasy, part realism – set in an arctic universe with wolves, blizzards etc, and told from the point of view of a 12 to 13 year old for whom everything goes wrong. I’m guessing it’ll be a best seller!