When I’m 64 – The New Retirement

We think of retirement as something to be celebrated, even envied, a time when you are finally free to do your own thing.

But what do people do for twenty or thirty years without the structures and restrictions of work?
Does it mean someone is no longer important if they are not an active member of the workforce?
Or is retirement a time for reinvention and refocusing?

When I’m 64 explores the experience of retirement from the point of view of those not yet retired, those newly retired, and those who are further down the track. Donna Gibbs’ conversations, insights and reflections on her own experiences offer a window into the new retirement with all its contradictions and complexities. With warmth, humour and insight she shows the upsides and downsides, the challenges to your sense of identity and issues for couples and singles. It is an inspiring guide to the ways people deal with this new phase of their lives.

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